Ozgen K

December 16th, 2019

I went to Yasam Health for some muscle issues on my leg. I was getting ready for the spring half marathon and hurt my leg during the preparations. Based on the recommendation, I contacted this clinic and made an appointment. First of all, I was extremely pleased with the friendliness of the staff because when you are already in pain, the last thing you want to deal with is grumpy people. I didn’t wait more than 2 minutes to be admitted and the physical therapist examined my problem thoroughly. Right after, we started the treatment immediately and I was shocked to see that the clinic was offering more than stretching techniques. I am not a medical person but I felt like they are trying every different method to speed up the healing process and make the patient feel comfortable. Therapeutic ultrasound, laser, pulse massage, stretch bands, tapes and balance ball were used in my treatment and there were many other tools around that I didn’t need. I visited the clinic 5-6 times and I had some stretching homework to do every morning and every night. Long story short, I was able to run again within 2 weeks which I wasn’t expecting at all. Clinic staff pays attention to patient hygiene and they were OK with me being a little late to the appointments couple times. I highly recommend this place.