Patient Testimonials

  • 5 stars!!

    Sophie S
  • Everything was great! They have a clean and motivated atmosphere!

    Özkan A
  • It was a great experience. PT worked with me with a full hour to make sure all my questions were answered and my goal of physical therapy would be achieved.

    Cem E
  • I have been going to James for a couple of months now and I have been blown away by the progress he has helped me achieve of being pain-free. He is personable and professional and I have already recommended him to friends and family. If anyone is looking for a highly experienced physical therapist James is your guy!

    Katelyn D
  • My both therapist Garret and Hative Yavuz have been helping my low back condition. Great service with a great team.

    P S
  • I was extremely pleased with my experience. My therapist Hatice (TJ) was great. She is very kind, supportive, and encouraging but persistent (which I need). She was always prompt and devotes the full hour to me (something very different from my numerous other PT experiences). This is a wonderful facility and I highly recommend them.

    C T
  • I was very impressed. The therapist was very personable. She took the time to carefully understand my unique issues, as well as took time to explain and educate me on treatment strategy.

    H E
  • TJ is very sensitive to the needs of her patients, making sure that the patient is as comfortable as she does what’s necessary to reach the maximum goals. Her assistant, Tyrone, also makes sure he does what he can to make sure that the patient is comfortable during the rehabilitation process.

    K G
  • Enjoyed the visit. TJ (Hatice) my therapist is very patient and understanding of the pain after my car accident and doesn’t rush through my visit.

    G N
  • I’ve been to other PTs before due to my shoulder I injury but Hatice (TJ) was far better than others. She is very professional and positive, explained all the exercises while assisting me. Her West Loop clinic is also very convenient and accessible via L or bus. Highly recommended!

    Cinar T
  • Perfect, like last time. Highly recommended.

  • Delighted by the thorough explanations that Hatice provided as we were going through therapy. She’s a very interesting person so the time spent in therapy flies by and is quite enjoyable. I also appreciate her flexibility with time and location. She tries to work around her patients’ needs as much as possible.

  • Hatice is very professional as well as personable and works with you regarding the injuries you have. She asks questions regarding areas of pain and pinpoints those trouble spots to help develop the best treatment whether in the office or at home.

  • Very knowledgable and easy to talk with.

    Colin M
  • Awesome PT and great facility.

  • Very professional and friendly:)

    Daniel M
  • I had a quick consultation and I am certain that this will be the place for me once I start my physical therapy. Hatice, definitely knows what she’s talking about and what she’s doing.

    Alyssa P
  • Hatice and their assistants were wonderful, compassionate, and on point as to what kind of modalities and specific stretching exercises I needed to help me recover from a. arm fracture.

    Amy B
  • For my first therapy consultation ever, I was very satisfied with the service. I felt very comfortable and everything was explained in a very clear manner. I am looking forward to returning for the remainder of my PT sessions.

    Meaghan D
  • She’s the best!

    Charlie G
  • Hatice was excellent, really focused on the problem I had and explained everything as she was doing it. She’s really helpful and I’m glad to have her on my care team.

    Katie D
  • I highly recommend Narae. She quickly realized what my problem was and had me doing strengthening exercises. It has helped tremendously with issues attributed to running.

  • Hatice is awesome! Fixed my issue and is a great person!

    Evan D
  • Great to work with this PT and her staff! Highly recommended.

    Piotr P
  • Professional and friendly service is greatly appreciated.

    Daniel M
  • So attentive, she jumped right into physical therapy. Really great experience.

    Andrea A
  • I am very pleased ever visit. My therapist is very helpful and listens to all my questions & concerns.

    B C
  • I feel good after I have worked with my PT. I had a major accident on my legs. I have started to walk again. Thank you 🙂

    B N
  • Very educational and quite helpful in identifying and resolving my issues.

  • Wonderful!!! I honestly looked forward to going to PT here. Very compassionate, helpful and a joy to work with.

    Heather S
  • I went to Yasam Health for some muscle issues on my leg. I was getting ready for the spring half marathon and hurt my leg during the preparations. Based on the recommendation, I contacted this clinic and made an appointment. First of all, I was extremely pleased with the friendliness of the staff because when you are already in pain, the last thing you want to deal with is grumpy people. I didn’t wait more than 2 minutes to be admitted and the physical therapist examined my problem thoroughly. Right after, we started the treatment immediately and I was shocked to see that the clinic was offering more than stretching techniques. I am not a medical person but I felt like they are trying every different method to speed up the healing process and make the patient feel comfortable. Therapeutic ultrasound, laser, pulse massage, stretch bands, tapes and balance ball were used in my treatment and there were many other tools around that I didn’t need. I visited the clinic 5-6 times and I had some stretching homework to do every morning and every night. Long story short, I was able to run again within 2 weeks which I wasn’t expecting at all. Clinic staff pays attention to patient hygiene and they were OK with me being a little late to the appointments couple times. I highly recommend this place.

    Ozgen K
  • I had a wonderful experience at Yasam, I’ve been in PT for the past several years as a dancer and it’s hard to find a good physical therapist. By far the best practice I have been to. The therapists were not only helpful but compassionate and accommodating as well. They use a variety of methods to speed up the healing process and continuously reevaluate the issue to make sure you are getting the best treatment. I highly recommend this place!

    Hannah A
  • I scheduled an appointment for my shoulder pain through ZocDoc with TJ. Man, she was awesome. She asked me questions and listened to what I had to say. She explained to my treatment path, and did not push me beyond my pain. She is invested in her patients, and I am glad I got it right on the first try when looking for a physical therapist.

    Dacia R
  • I’ve been getting my shoulder treated by Hatice (TJ) for the last few months, and I can say that she’s completely changed my opinion about getting care! A few years ago I went to Athletico and had a pretty horrible experience when I first injured my left shoulder, but she’s been the complete opposite and helped me significantly strengthen and heal.

    She’s very nice, very supportive and has showed me a variety of techniques and exercises. And she’s extremely knowledgeable and can give you great ideas in terms of new stretches and approaches to getting healthier and stronger.

    On top of that, she’s also really flexible with your schedule, which is huge for me, and very friendly in general. Highly, highly recommend her.

    Kalle E
  • After I hurt my hand my wife’s friend recommended that I check out Loop Physical Therapy. I am very glad that I did. The staff is super friendly and definitely helping me with my recovery time. I find myself now recommending Loop Physical Therapy to my friends, which is why I took the time to write a review.

    Louis T
  • TJ and crew are superb. They know their stuff and are very thorough. I am at 100% recovery on my knee. Without proper physical therapy, I couldn’t say that.

    Craig W
  • The whole staff here is great–TJ, Garrett, Aysin, Noray. They each use different methodologies, all very effective. They all also really take time with, and give focus to, each patient. Unlike other clinics, they don’t do the same things over and over. They assess where I’m at each time I go and provide treatment designed specifically for what I’m experiencing. If you are experiencing pain, I highly recommend them.

    M T
  • I went for treatment on a hip issue I had been experiencing due to a bad ankle injury I sustained 6 years ago.  After seeing a sports injury Dr. it was recommended that I find a good physical therapist that could target the area and fix the muscle injury and strengthen the area.

    I could not have found a better place to go for this treatment.  My results were great, the effected area is not in pain any longer and I have gained strength and flexibility to support that muscle group.

    They were always professional and knowledgeable but most importantly they make you feel at home and at ease during treatment.  Wonderful and interesting people that obviously truly care, I could not more highly recommend!

    Evan D
  • I was very fortunate to happen upon Yasam Health. From the owner to the interns, I received expert personalized care that was evaluated and changed when necessary. The facilities are outstanding, and the atmosphere is light, but professional. My only regret was that I ran out of insurance money. I will definitely come back here for my next therapy referral.

    Clyde S
  • Great clinic, I’m cured of pain!

    Sophie S
  • These guys are true professionals I don’t know what they doing prices are very reasonable for the care you are receiving. My lower back is a hundred percent better after struggling with back pain for a couple of years I recommend this place highly. They are never late so if your appointment is at 1:30 you getting out at 1:30 which makes it convenient due to limited parking spaces.

    Jerry G
  • Best therapy place in the Chicagoland area. I was suffering for so long I couldn’t take it anymore. my coworker recommended this place and I’m simply being pain-free after six months from starting my therapy. They also have good supplements for sleep which I was having problems with for a long time. Stuff is there knowledgeable and I will help you with any kind of issues you may have with your help not only pain. I wish I could give them 10 stars.

    Emiliana S