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Aysin Yavuz

Surname: Aysin Yavuz

Department: Nutritional Coach / RAW Food Chef

E-Mail: aysinyavuz@gmail.com

Who graduated from the university with a math degree in Turkey, met a raw food concept when she came to the USA to obtain her Master’s degree. She took raw food chef certification courses from Raw Gourmet International, while she worked at Cousin’s Incredible Vitality as a program director. In 2011, she opened pH for Balance with Hatice Yavuz, her sister, and business partner, started giving educational classes, nutritional consultations, healthy cooking workshops, body cleansing programs, and weight loss plans. Aysin Yavuz is a Board Certified Health/Nutrition Coach & Detox Expert coaching clients on how to live a healthy, balanced life all around the globe. She is trained in over 100 different dietary theories and her passion lies in seeing full mind and body transformations in the individuals, families, and corporations she coaches. She is also a board member and Aftercare Educational Director of Medical Wings International Non-Profit Organization that promotes health and wellness, serves the urgent needs of the neglect poor, and strengthens underdeveloped communities throughout the world.